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Recently Photographed Home on the Port Washington Peninsula

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Published on Archi Daily, this 1500 sq.ft. home is located on an east facing steep slope on the Port Washington peninsula. It is one of 43 closely spaced homes which comprise a co-op, formally a bungalow colony, established 80 years ago as squatter shacks for workers at the local sand and gravel pit, however; recently, with the rise in property values, wonderful location, quality schools, and a direct train line into Manhattan, the bungalows were purchased, torn down and replaced with contemporary capes and salt boxes with projecting decks, dangerous stairs and a disregard for the state of the hillside. Our client’s desired to build a structure which respected the slope.

This project takes advantage of the client's large backyard space and elevated topography to weave together the pool/hot tub, cabana space, and tennis court. The inside portion of the cabana has a lounge tv area, bath/changing room and a bar that services the covered outdoor seating. The covered portion is framed by a free-floating wall which houses outdoor tv’s and serves to block the view to a neighboring property, and therefore, creates secluded setting. 

The site for this waterfront residence is located on the Great Neck Peninsula, facing west to views of NYC and the borough bridges. Due to strict height requirements the house from the street appears to be one story and then steps down the hill allowing for three fully occupiable floors. The configuration of the home is a U-shape surrounding a rear courtyard. This shape, along with suspended pods assures water views to all occupants while not compromising privacy from the adjacent homes.

This book is a living document illustrating Narofsky Architecture's continuing evolution. It contains post-it scribbles, copies from many sketchbooks, large scale tracings, models, renderings, and photos all from our first 25 years of practice. Our firm continues this work, as we are now in our 38th year. 


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