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This modest 1500 sq ft residence is built among forty closely spaced co-op homes, formerly a bungalow colony, on a steep east-facing embankment. We balanced respect for the hillside with the need to not compromise privacy, while maximizing dramatic views of the adjacent harbor.


Addressing the challenge of proximity of houses as close as seven feet, and a strict height limitation, we designed the house from top down: we employed an innovative underpinning method to create a deep excavation allowing for two floors and a full cellar, without disturbing the hillside or adjacent structures. Handpicked reclaimed joists and decking which were integrated as an exposed frame over an open floor plan emphasizing function and views. An open structure for the two main levels of the house gives the impression of higher ceilings than the limitations allowed. The plan configuration erodes a square to give way to private exterior deck spaces, creating multiple entry points through sliding doors, arriving directly to the kitchen and living spaces. The stairs circulate the perimeter to avoid disrupting this open plan. A green roof system minimizes visual disruption to uphill homes. 

This project is one of several that our firm has worked on in the same neighborhood.




Port Washington, New York



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