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AIA Long Island Archi Award: Sustainable Architecture, 2012

The clients for this 3,000 sq ft residence requested that the design take into consideration not only the wonderful views of Sag Harbor, but address the idea of casual living with minimal distinction between inside and outside. The clients' first request: build the future into the house.

The Ziggurat form of the structure was a response to the local pyramid set back codes. In the rear, the plan unfolds in a “U” shape to define an outdoor courtyard and increase exterior exposures. A front garden wall defines a private area for the

master bedroom suites. The program includes: first floor open living areas and master bedroom suites; second floor guest rooms and media room. The third floor becomes a widows watch serving as the clients' map room. All roofs are established to be green and accessible to increase available outdoor areas, and also to improve the homes energy efficiency.




Sag Harbor,

New York



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