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This residence of 5,000 sq ft is located on a ½ site in a stately section of the Great Neck Peninsula. The 'empty nest'  owners' request was for a casual house without the formalities of many of the neighboring homes. However, there was consent that the house has the scale and feel of the more conventional two story neoclassical and pseudo-traditional that are prevalent in the area.


With strict zoning regulations for the set back and massing, the plan establishes a simple “L” shape to the front creating space for a processional entry garden and a “W” shape in the rear creating a court yard. To obtain additionally needed space, a sunken garden was carved out of the relatively flat site. This allowed for additional home office and grand children's play space with plenty of natural light and garden access.


The main floor contains an open living, cooking and dining area as well as the master bedroom suite. Three guest suites are located on the second floor access from an open balcony over looking the main living space.


The residence was planned and constructed to be easy to use, require little maintenance and be as efficient as possible to operate.


Aspire Magazine, 2013




Kings Point, New York



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