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The Metropolitan Tower soars seventy-eight stories on West 57th Street. The building designed by SLCE Architects in 1986 sits adjacent to Carnegie Hall and boasts an acute angle which creates dramatic apartment views up and down 57th Street. The problem is that the extreme forty degree angle creates an impractical layout that is difficult to furnish.

Our clients purchased a 3 bedroom apartment on the 52nd floor with the goal of re-thinking the plan to improve flow and take advantage of the expansive views. As purchased, the apartment was broken up into 3 bedroom suites with a small closet sized kitchen surrounded by a concrete shear wall and mechanical chases. The client wanted two bedrooms, using the third bedroom as a study or TV room. Additionally, the clients wanted as much of a loft-like feel as could be achieved, even though the ceilings were less than nine feet tall.

The design solution required convincing both the client and the building management to allow for some creative rearranging. Because the kitchen could not be expanded it was evident that it should be placed in the main space removed from its closet. This was an unprecedented move in the building and was initially met with opposition, but the client insisted and the technical issues were resolved. Another crucial move was to remove the corner bedroom suite and open up the area to the common space apartment. A large pivoting wall panel allows for this area to double as a bedroom. The third bedroom was removed from the program and allow the extra footage to be devoted to the main living area.




New York, New York



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