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In the fall of 2006 a meeting took place on a five acre site in Mill Neck, NY. Standing in front of the 1971 built white stucco contemporary residence, were our clients (husband and wife in their late 40s, who had 3 teenage daughters), a real estate agent, and our clients construction manager. Much to the real-estate agent’s surprise the discussions taking place were how we can renovate and add to the home to accommodate the family needs. The agent truly believed that considering the poor condition of the home, its very abstract minimal modern style, and the spectacular water views, we were here to discuss the demolition of the home to construct a more traditionally influenced mansion the agency was very aware our clients were seeking to sell their current home a 1920s country cottage.

One of the most attractive elements of the original configuration was how the house wrapped around a courtyard on two sides and a privacy wall enclosing such and separating it from the parking court. It was our desire to not lonely to maintain the court yard but also not compromise the beautifully cherry and magnolia trees it encompassed.

The new garage and bedroom wing replaced one of the courtyards enclosing walls without any compromise to the trees.


The remaining stucco facades were repaired and all the new construction is sheathed in stucco to match. Attachments points of the additions were critically studied so as not to compromise the more significant (and to remain) glazing areas and details. Other refinements made are the incorporation of roof terraces off all the bedrooms and a modified roof line to create more emphasis to the understated front entry.




Mill Neck, New York



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