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This landmark building was constructed in 1931, as the “Roslyn National Bank and Trust Company”. Designed in a Classical Revival style by William Bunker Tubby. Recently the building was occupied by a mens clothing store. In 2021 the building was acquired to be converted into a health club. The idea (conceived during the Covid 19 pandemic), is as a healthy interactive group exercise space.

The concept origin considers individual modular workout spaces (pods) arranged within a large volume warehouse space, ultimately utilizing the old bank building for its central location and existing 2 story space (the old banking floor), adaptable to accommodate the pods.

The solution established a perimeter mezzanine of pods stacked above the main level pods. The pods surround a central two-story space with an elevated instructor platform reached by a spiral staircase. The stair and a fireman’s pole foster interactivity between instructor and clients. The space is surrounded by 230 video screens creating an immersed outer worldly experience.

The cellar level was adapted as a yoga studio where 10 pods surround a yogi instructing from reclaimed wood platform. The pods are surrounded by glass panels etched with a forest pattern. Image, sound and lighting are synchronized to complete the interactive experience. The mechanical systems are designed to facilitate laboratory air changes with a flush out at the end of each session. Circulation is structured for minimal interaction, entering on the side of the building and existing the front.

The mezzanine is constructed with steel frame/concrete deck and rubber flooring. The suspended acoustic ceilings, contain the HVAC/AV systems, reduced surfaces to control dust and facilitate cleaning. The exterior of the building was renovated with the only interventions, signage and a modest entry canopy.




Roslyn, NY

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