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A development company retained our firm to design a pair of 5,000 sq ft spec homes in East Hampton, NY, a new venture for us.


When designing a custom home and working privately our designs are influenced by our client’s needs, desires, and dreams, as well as from the characteristics of the site, topography and orientation (solar, views, wind etc.).

Working with a developer presented its own set of unique challenges and the biggest priority was to make money. The trick is finding a cost effective solution while building elements that give them an advantage over the competition. Another challenge was to find a balance between the client's “not too modern” and “not a typical shingle style."


We started out with the idea of inventing a fictitious client with specific goals and interests. As the project developed, it seemed that our invented client was evolving and being conditioned by the ideas we put forward, and our subconscious desires to live in the dwelling took over.


The result: a custom home for a collective conscious. 


Spec House


East Hampton,

New York



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